Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    Who can enroll in Andersonville Theological Seminary (ATS)?                                                            
A.   Anyone who has a high school diploma or GED or above.
Q.    What denomination is ATS?
A.   We are Baptist in our teachings, but we have students of all                               denominations.
Q.    Which Bible does ATS use?
A.    We use the King James Version because we believe that this                            version is the inspired Word of God.
Q.    What can I do if I am not Baptist, but I want to learn the Word of God?
A.     We accept any student regardless  of belief, however we teach the KJV and ask our students to answer tests according to what  the professor taught and then add any personal beliefs or disagreements if desired.
Q.    Does ATS have a website that people can browse?
A.     Yes, the web address is www.andersonvilleseminary.com
Q.    Does ATS have a brochure or catalog that can be mailed to prospective students?
A.     No, but our catalog does appears online on this site.
Q.     Do we have a bookstore?
A.     Yes. The link to the ATS bookstore is located on our Homepage.  Go to the Homepage and on the right side click where it says Visit our Bookstore on Amazon.
Q.    Are the courses at ATS online?
A.     The courses at ATS are distance learning, but they are not online. We have
book courses and courses that are on MP3 CD’s.
Q.    Do you offer Financial Aid to students?
A.     We do not offer financial aid, but we do offer an interest free payment plan
that is very affordable.
Q.    Is ATS accredited?
A.     We are privately accredited through Transworld Accrediting Commission
out of Riverside,CA.
Q.    Do you plan to seek regional (governmental) accreditation?
A.     We have considered this many times, but we have always opted to remain
privately accredited because of the governmental red tape and rules involved
in governmental accreditation.
Q.    How many students does ATS have enrolled?
A.     The number varies each month, but at the present time we have approximately
3,500 active students and over 30,000 graduates from all over the world.
Q.     Does ATS have a campus?
A.     We do not have a campus where students come to take classes—we have an office
complex including our chapel. However, students are more than welcome to come
by the school at anytime to see our institution and look around.
Q.     Is a student required to attend any courses or seminars on campus?
A.    No
Q.     Who are the professors at ATS?
A.   We have professors who are on-campus and adjunct professors from all over the
country, who have sent sample courses for us to use at ATS. We are constantly
striving to keep our courses updated and relevant and also add new areas of
Q.     Do we ever seek professors for new courses at ATS?
A.     We are always open to new courses that might become part of our curriculum.
We do have strict requirements to present a course and our Board of Directors
must approve the contents before it can become a part of our program.
Q.     How do I know if I would be eligible to teach a course at ATS?
A.     You need to call the seminary to discuss your qualifications.
Q.     How can I get started?
A.    There are several ways to enroll: 1). Fill out an online application (evaluation)
2).  View our catalog online and fill out the application and send it back in to ATS.
3). Call and enroll over the phone.
Q.    If I fill out an evaluation (application) online, how do I know if you received it?
A. We compile your information and respond to your application within 24 hours
(allow extra time for weekends). If you have not received a response in that
time period, you should call the seminary to see if there is some kind of error.
Q.     What do I do after I fill out the application?
A. If you fill out the information on-line, you can call and enroll over the phone with
a debit or credit card, or you can send in a check or money order and let us know
that we have your information.
Q.     How much do I have to pay to get started?
A. The minimum down payment for MOST programs is $150.00. However, some of
our specialty programs require larger down payments.
Q.     Can my spouse go to ATS free?
A.   A spouse can go free as long as they are in the same program as the husband/wife.
The spouse must enroll at the same time as the husband/wife.
Q.     Are there any discounts if the spouse is in a different program?
A.   A spouse can enroll at ATS for 1/3 of the program’s total cost and must enroll at
the same time as the husband/wife.
Q.        How are my courses mailed and when will they arrive?
A.   The are sent by regular US Postal Service and should arrive within 10-14 business days.
(Foreign students should add at least a week to this estimate)
Q.         How do I know which course to start with?
A.    That decision is entirely up to you.
Q.         Do I take one course at the time and send it in for a grade?
A.     Again, that decision is up to you. You can send one at a time or wait and send
all of them together.
Q.        How do I keep up with my progress?
A. ATS sends out grade reports every Thursday so that you can keep a record of your progress.
Allow 3 weeks for grading and one week to log it in computer and print the grade report for mailing.
Q.        Can I call and check on my grades?
A.   You can call, but we ask that you call only after you have waited the four weeks
and have not heard anything. Unless it has been over 4 weeks we do not give out grades
by phone, email or fax for ANY reason.  We have hundreds of tests that are graded daily
and it slows down the process if too many people jump the gun. We know it is important,
but please try to be patient.
Q.        What is the grading scale at ATS?
A. Our grading scale is: (A) 90-100; (B) 80-89; (C) 70-79; (D) 60-69; (F) Below 60
We also use I for Incomplete to let you know that part of the test was  either missing or done wrong.
Any grade above 60 is considered as passing, but a (D) is not transferable.
Q.        Can I retake a test?
A. You can retake any test but there is a $50 charge for each retake. If you retake a test twice,
both of the grades are averaged together.
Q.        How can I get help on a test?
A. Our staff can usually answer your questions, but if not, we have access to each of our
adjunct faculty members who can help you.
Q.        Can I exempt courses that I have already taken?
A. ATS is glad to work with you—we can exempt courses in some cases, or use
replacement courses.  This will require a transcript from previous schools.
Q.        If I am not doing my courses, do I still have to pay?
A. Yes, you must make a payment each month regardless of whether you are
doing coursework.
Q.        Is there a time limit on my coursework?
A. In most of our programs, there is no time limit on how long it takes you to do
your courses. The only programs that have time limits are in the Christian
Counseling department.
Q.        How will I know what I made on a test?
A. The grade department sends out grade reports every Thursday, so please
try to allow 4 weeks before calling to check on a grade.
Q.        What can I do if I want to change my program of study?
A.   You will need to fill out a Change of Program form that is on our web site.
The change will cost $100 in order to reship new courses. You will need to
send the form in to us so that we can attach it to your file.
Q.        Does ATS have to have my transcript from previous schools before I can get started?
A. No, we enroll students based on an honor system of the information that we
receive. However, we must have a copy on file before we can issue a degree.
Q.        As a former student, how do I keep up with my progress?
A. When you enroll, we send out a list of your courses for record-keeping purposes
We ask that you PLEASE keep up with your current status on this sheet and
avoid having to call and check on your status.
Q.        After enrollment, how do I know when my payment is due?
A. All payments are due by the 10th of the month. We do send out statements the
first of each month to remind you.  Statements are sent by email and regular mail.  
If you are on auto-deduction, you will still get a statement to show your balance
going down.  That way, if it shows your balance is not coming down, we may need
a new expiration date for your credit card.
Q.        What kind of diploma (degree) will I receive?
A. Our degrees are printed by Josten’s, which is one of the largest graduation
businesses in the country.
Q.        How do I know when my degree will be ordered?
A. When you have finished all of your courses and received passing grades and
when your financial obligations are met, you will receive a letter from us
telling you how to order your degree. The degree itself is $200.
Q.       How often does ATS order degrees?
A. We order degrees twice a month.  We order on the 1st and 15th of each month.
It takes about 8 weeks after we order the degree to come back to ATS and then we
mail it out directly to the student.
Q.        Does my degree come in a frame?
A. No the $200 minimum grad/administration fee allows your degree to be put between
two thick pieces of cardboard and mailed to you once we receive it.  If you want to
order a frame it costs $155 and that order form is under the form tab on the ATS website.
Q.       How often does ATS have a graduation ceremony?
A.    We have one graduation ceremony per year. It is held in May and it is
always the Friday before Memorial Day. The site is the Albany
Municipal Auditorium in Albany, GA.
Q.       Who can attend the graduation ceremony?
A.    Anyone who has received a degree from ATS and has never attended
a ceremony for that degree.
Q.       Can a person attend more than one graduation?
A. Absolutely! As long as you have completed a degree and have not been
to a previous ceremony for that degree. You can attend every time you
receive a new degree. You can also attend as a guest at every ceremony.
Q.       How many people can I bring with me to graduation?
A.   There is no limit. The auditorium holds close to 1,000 people.
Q.       When will I receive an information packet concerning graduation?
A. All year long the info about graduation is under the forms tab on this site.  
These forms are always located under the forms tab on the ATS website.
Q.       Where and when can I order my graduation regalia?
A. ATS has the cap and gown information located under the
forms tab for graduation.
Q.       At what point can I order a ring to identify my accomplishments?
A. As soon as your diploma has been received, you can order a class ring from
Josten’s, who handles our diplomas and rings. You can call them directly at
229-435-1809 – look at the forms tab for the order form.
Q.        Is there a fee to attend graduation?
A.   Yes, the fee is usually $250 (this could change based on the economy). This
helps the seminary with staging such a large event. This fee is separate
from the $200 minimum degree(diploma) fee.
Q.        At the onsite graduation in May am I required to buy
t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc?
A.   No, you are NOT required.  However we appreciate if you would purchase
some of the T-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, frames with ATS school seal etc
to help show your pride and support the school.