Our History

history-buildingIn late 1970’s, Dr. Hayes began to feel the calling from God to found a Bible-centered seminary that would offer active in-the-field Christians the opportunity to complete their seminary degree studies through quality distance education. Having spent thousands of dollars in his own studies, Dr. Hayes also had a desire to offer that education at a rate affordable to the average Christian involved in active ministry. With such goals and desires, Dr. Hayes founded Andersonville Baptist Seminary, which he envisioned as providing quality distance education studies for students across the country. By the early 1990’s, the seminary boasted a student body representing all 50 states. With a growing faculty and staff to manage, Andersonville had moved to its present location in Camilla, Georgia. Just a few years later, Andersonville changed its name to Andersonville Theological Seminary and claimed a student body of over 5,000 active students in all 50 states and 24 foreign countries.

Near the turn of the millennium, Andersonville Theological Seminary partnered with the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) to add a strong Christian Counseling program to its growing student body. In 2007, Andersonville began seeking accreditation from Transworld Accrediting Commission, again improving its outstanding reputation within the Christian community. Now, with alumni and students across the globe, Andersonville has become the premier distance education program for learning God’s word from a conservative and informed faculty.

history-guyIn late 2007, ATS administrators have approved and begun development of additional programs for the seminary. Included in these new programs are phenomenal graduate programs in Biblical Studies, Divinity, and Theology. With a strong Greek and Hebrew exegetical core, the new programs offer students the opportunity to delve into Scripture in the original languages and to understand God’s word in the most thorough manner possible. Whether taking Creation Stage, a verse-by-verse study of the Hebrew text of [Genesis 1 – 11], or studying Revelation in the Majority Text of the Greek, Andersonville students can remain assured that their Bible education continues to be at the fore of distance education studies.

For over a quarter of a century, ATS has provided quality leaders to churches, denominations, and para-church organizations around the world. Yet, with excellent faculty members adding new courses to the already outstanding ATS programs, Andersonville is looking forward to an even greater future. With new accreditation pending and new programs developing, prospective students, current students, and alumni will find that Andersonville Theological Seminary never rests in seeking to improve its programs and student body.

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