April 15th Graduates

April 15 Graduates

Mark Allan Adamec
Emmanuel Olugbenga Akinyemi
Nancy Arias
Julio Arias
Vickie Elaine Brown
Alvin McKinley Bunch, Jr.
Henrietta Rosemarie Campbell
Jessie C. Coleman, Jr.
Michelle Annette Costello
Melvin Cotton, Jr.
James Matthew Curley
Michael Curry
Sharon Stuckey Curry
Sebe Juma Dalieh
Hilton Duncan
Paul W. Gitimu
Myra Mitchell Harville
Terrance Lamond Holder
Gregory D. Johnson
Wanda Gail Johnson
Fredric Burgess Lozo
Darryl K. Mauldin
Troy J. Mueller
Carl Allen Nicklas
Edward Folorunso Olatinpo
Clive A. Richardson
Perrico Jerrell Robibnson
Donald Ray Ruth
William Edward Tabor
Kimberly D. Tucker
Julia Lashaune Walmsley
Caltonga Michael Washington
Jennifer Denise Watkins
Joshua C. Weatherspoon
B. K. Williams, III
Brian Floyd Williams
Deneen M. Williams
Eugene Williams, Jr.
Kevin T. Williams
Phillip D. Williams, Sr.
Vernetta L. Williams
Brian Kelly Wilson
Scott Edward Wilson
Michael E. Windsor
Carolyn Dorothene Winfrey

Church Postings

<h1>Church Postings</h1>

ATS is happy to post church positions so that our students may have the opportunity to apply; however, we do not endorse any of the churches because we are not familiar with their teachings.  Please check out the church doctrine for yourself before applying.



New York Church Seeking Pastor

The Calvary Bible Baptist Church of Elbridge, NY is looking for a young man called of God as found in the Authorized Version, the A.V. 1611 and to lead men to the Lord Jesus Christ from the Word of God. Must be a soul winner who has a strong desire to visit and win souls to apply for the associate position.

For further information call Pastor George Burkinshaw at 315-689-6645. The church is Independent, KJV, Dispensational, Pre-millennial, and Pretribulation.

Michigan Church Seeking Pastor

Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor, MI is seeking a new pastor. For an application or more information, contact the church by email or letter.

download application at www.sbcannarbor.com

email: pulpitcommittee@sbcannarbor.com

Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor
ATTN: Pulpit Search Committee
850 Red Oak
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

April 1st Graduates

Tara Elmeaze
Robert J. Fields
John Ryan Forsythe
Elizabeth Joi Gans
Rosby L. Glover
Rodney A. Goss
Orlyn Craye Hall, Jr.
Beverly Hines-Simmons
Kenneth R. Lewis
Edward Bryan Malone
Ayanna Kai Mishoe-Brooker
Loranza Meadows
Randy Joseph Mlinek, Sr.
Albert Ocrah
Tina Perez
Adam Russell Rinehart
Albert E. Scott
LaTrena Anderson Stokes
Sinh Thieu Trinh
Ricky L. Tuttle