Choosing a seminary is a big decision, and it involves many variables that the potential student needs to consider carefully. Many seminaries offer little in the way of actual Bible courses, instead focusing on the “professional” aspects of ministry. Others are heavy on Bible, but they offer little practical training. Finding the right balance is critical to preparing for the ministry or advancing your skills as an experienced pastor, teacher, or Christian counselor. Below you will find five key areas that you will need to consider before choosing the seminary that is right for you.


  • FIND A SEMINARY THAT HAS A PROVEN HISTORY. Andersonville Theological Seminary has been providing quality distance education since 1981. That is over four decades of service to the Christian academic community! ATS alumni have done great things with their ATS degree. Some have reached high levels within the Southern Baptist Convention; others have achieved special recognition as chaplains; others have gone to pastor large churches; and all have improved their ministry opportunities through a solid, proven Bible education.

  • FIND A SEMINARY THAT MEETS YOUR DISTANCE EDUCATION NEEDS. Andersonville Theological Seminary has developed a program over the last four decades to perfect a quality education that students can complete from their own homes at their own pace. Offered via an online format, the courses allow students to sign in to complete lessons as time allows, making it very convenient for every student. And students never need to leave their homes or ministries for on-campus work. They can complete everything right online!

  • FIND A SEMINARY THAT IS AFFORDABLE AND FLEXIBLE WITH ITS TUITION. Andersonville Theological Seminary offers its programs through the sacrificial ministry of many professors and staff members. Christian education is a ministry, and that is how the ATS team approaches education. ATS offers discounts for tuition payment-in-full upon enrollment and very flexible and affordable monthly payment plans for those who need to make payments over time. ATS knows that ministers and teachers are often on a tight budget, and we work very hard to keep the costs as low as possible.

  • FIND A SEMINARY THAT OFFERS A GREAT FACULTY. Andersonville Theological Seminary offers professors who are graduates of well-known accredited seminaries such as Dallas Theological Seminary, Liberty University, Luther Rice College and Seminary, and many others. With such a strong faculty, ATS students can be assured that they are receiving a recognized degree earned through biblically insightful courses. From New Testament Introduction to the Olivet Discourse and Greek IV, ATS offers a wide variety of coursework from great professors!

  • FIND A SEMINARY THAT HONORS THE BIBLE. Andersonville Theological Seminary has held the Bible as the final authority in all matters of faith and practice since its inception in 1981. Taught without error or contradiction, ATS centers its core curriculum on actual Bible exposition of key books from the Old and New Testaments. All supplemental courses adhere to the same high view of Scripture as the core Bible courses. Students will find their faith strengthened with each new course offered through ATS.

Hopefully, you will consider prayerfully these five key areas as you search for right seminary for you. If you would like more information on Andersonville Theological Seminary and its great Bible programs, please visit our homepage by clicking HERE. God bless!