Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling

Program Overview

The Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling program offers students advanced training in faith-based Christian Counseling.  The program is offered in conjunction with the National Christian Counselor’s Association, which is located in Sarasota, Florida.  The program will lead to your earning your Doctor of Ministry degree and advanced certification by the NCCA.  Depending upon the option you select, the D.Min. (Christian Counseling) program will require between 30 and 48 semester hours.

Option 1:  This option is for students who have a master’s degree and already have obtained the NCCA faith-based license.  The program consists of choose two areas of concentration from the list below.  The seminary will add other classes to round out your program as needed to bring your total semester hours to 30 semester hours.  This option will lead to earning your degree and up to 3 areas of advanced certification by the NCCA.

  • Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Child & Adolescence Therapy
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction Therapy
  • Sexual Therapy
  • Death & Grief Therapy
  • Cognitive Therapy & Ethics
  • Crisis & Abuse Therapy
  • Temperament Therapy
  • Domestic Violence & Abuse (must be coupled with Crisis & Abuse Therapy)


The total tuition for the program under Option 1 is $3,000.00 with $500.00 down and a minimum of $150.00 per month.  For payment in full upon enrollment, the total tuition is only $2,500.00.

Option 2: This option is for students who already have an approved master’s degree and do NOT have the NCCA license, but wish to enroll directly into the D.Min. in Christian Counseling program.  The required curriculum is listed below:

  1. Temperament Theory
  2. Basic Christian Counseling
  3. Temperament Therapy
  4. Testing & Measurements
  5. Christian Counseling: Integrating Psychology & Counseling
  6. Mastering Pastoral Counseling
  7. Temperament Case Studies
  8. Codependency
  9. Quality, Ethics, & Legal Issues
  10. Doctrine of Christ
  11. Galatians
  12. Epistles of John
  13. One of the following areas of advanced certification which requires 4 additional courses in that area:
    1. Marriage & Family Therapy
    2. Child & Adolescent Therapy
    3. Substance Abuse & Addiction Therapy
    4. Sexual Therapy
    5. Death & Grief Therapy
    6. Cognitive Therapy & Ethics
    7. Crisis & Abuse Therapy

The total tuition for the program under Option 2 is $4,500.00 with a down payment of $500.00 and a minimum monthly payment of $150.00.  For payment in full upon enrollment, the total tuition is only $4,000.00.

There are additional fees required with this program under Option 2.  The fees are required over a two year period.

  • NCCA membership fee $50.00
  • Background Check $100.00
  • Supervision/Processing $300.00
  • APS $30.00 per APS (25 +1 personal required)

For questions regarding this program, please direct all questions to the ATS Christian Counseling Department at 1-800-525-1611.

M.Min. (Christian Counseling) Degree Requirements

Biblical Studies                                                                                                                                  12 Semester Hours

BSOT5000 Old Testament Introduction James Gibson 3
OTBB6947 Job Harley Howard 3
BSNT5000 New Testament Introduction Stephen Rost, Th.M. 3
NTBB6515 Romans Jimmy Hayes 3

Pastoral Ministry                                                                                                                              3 Semester Hours

PCPM6150 Pastoral Counseling Ed Fleming 3

Theology                                                                                                                                             3 Semester Hours

THEO6370 Doctrine of Salvation Gino Cascieri 3

Christian Counseling (With the National Christian Counselors Association)              27 Semester Hours

NCCA6100 Basic Christian Counseling 3
NCCA6010 Temperament Theory 3
NCCA6020 Testing & Measurements 3
NCCA6030 Temperament Therapy 3
NCCA6500 Christian CN: Integrating Psychology & Counseling 3
NCCA6510 Mastering Pastoral Counseling 3
NCCA6575 Temperament Case Studies 3
NCCA6580 Quality, Ethics, & Legal Issues 3
NCCA6590 Codependency 3



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