Doctor of Ministry in Christian Education

The Doctor of Ministry in Christian Education is a 39 semester hour program.  The program has a strong emphasis upon critical issues in Christian administration and education.  Required courses in Christian administration prepare the student to lead Christian institutions effectively, while required courses in apologetics and contemporary theology train the student in the setting of modern theology.  Key theological doctrines are also presented to aid the student in understanding the doctrinal implications of proper biblical education, and a collection of Bible books are included that are relevant to the Christian’s relationship to the Law, the return of Christ, and fellowship with a Holy God.

The Doctor of Ministry in Christian Education does not require language work.  A Doctoral Ministry Project is required.  The project requires a research project of a minimum of 20,000 words to be submitted by the student which contributes to the field of Christian Education in a meaningful way.  The topic for the project should reflect study upon both administration and the current theological challenges facing the modern Christian educator.  Topics will be selected by the student and must be approved by the ATS Academic Review Committee before a student may begin work on the project.  Students will be challenged to think more deeply about the Word of God than ever before.  Most courses will test the student’s grasp of the course material through traditional final exams and term papers.  For the Christian leader who desires both leadership skills and a grasp of the modern problems facing the Christian educator, this program is an outstanding option.

The Doctor of Ministry (Christian Education) program is an advance-at-your-own-pace program.  Most students will complete the program in 3 years.

Tuition fees:


Payment Plan A:
$500.00 down and $150.00 per month for a total of $3,000.00

Payment Plan B:
Discounted Advance Payment Cost—$2,500.00 with no additional tuition payments ($500.00 savings)

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Doctor of Ministry (Christian Education) Degree Requirements

Biblical Studies                                                                                                                                  9 Semester Hours

NTBB8525 Galatians Jimmy Hayes 3
NTBB8538 I & II Thessalonians Jimmy Hayes 3
NTBB7870 Epistles of John J.L. Hayes 3

Theology                                                                                                                                             6 Semester Hours

THEO7330 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit Gino Cascieri 3
THEO7340 Doctrine of Christ Gino Cascieri 3

Christian Education                                                                                                                         15 Semester Hours

ITCE7003 Advanced Leadership & Admin Kenneth O. Gangel 3
ITCE7010 Effective Administrative Leader Kenneth O. Gangel 3
ITCE7100 Approaches to Apologetics Gordon Lewis 3
ITCE8000 Contemporary Theology I John S. Feinberg 3
ITCE8005 Contemporary Theology II John S. Feinberg 3

Research                                                                                                                                              9 Semester Hours

THRS8000 Ministry Project Proposal Program Advisor 3
MNRS8000 Doctoral Ministry Project Program Advisor 6


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