Doctor of Theology

New Testament – John

Prerequisite: 120 Th.M. with a minimum of 30 hours of biblical language coursework.

The Doctor of Theology in New Testament offers in-depth study of the New Testament through a focused study of one of three major New Testament authors.  Students may choose to focus upon one of the following three New Testament areas:

  1. The Writings of John, including translation of the Gospel of John, the Epistles of John, and the Revelation. (45 Semester Hours).
  2. The Writings of Paul, including translation of all of Paul’s writings except for 2 Corinthians. (45 Semester Hours).
  3. The Writings of Luke, including translation of Luke, Acts, and Hebrews. (48 Semester Hours).

In conjunction with the translation work, each major will offer supplemental lecture courses to enhance the student’s understanding of the translated material.   These programs are designed to immerse students in the theology and style of the given human author.  Once a particular author has been investigated thoroughly, the student is in a better position to appreciate the “unity in diversity” of other New Testament texts. For example, students will be more sensitive to Paul’s message of grace if the student has been immersed in John’s theology of salvation.

The Th.D. (New Testament) requires students to complete a 50,000 word Doctoral Dissertation upon a topic selected by the student and approved by the ATS Academic Review Committee.  Students will submit their topic for approval during the second year of coursework if the suggested timetable is followed.  The dissertation is the pinnacle of the student’s doctoral work and should contribute to the field of study in a meaningful way.

The Th.D. in New Testament program is an advance-at-your-own-pace program.

Tuition fees:


Payment Plan 1:
$1,500.00 Payment in full

Payment Plan 2:
$2,000.00 w/ $300.00 down and $100.00 per month.

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Th.D. (New Testament: Writings of John) Degree Requirements

Biblical Studies                                                                                                                  12 Semester Hours

OTBB8865 Daniel John Nocera 3
NTBB7103 John Jimmy Hayes 3
NTBB7870 Epistles of John J.L. Hayes 3
NTBB7450 Revelation John Nocera 3

Biblical Languages                                                                                                          15 Semester Hours

NTGR7000 Translation: Epistles of John Advisor 3
NTGR7010 Translation: John 1-11 Advisor 3
NTGR7015 Translation: John 12-21 Advisor 3
NTGR7020 Translation: Revelation 1-11 Advisor 3
NTGR7025 Translation: Revelation 12-22 Advisor 3

Theology                                                                                                                             3 Semester Hours

THEO8000 Advanced Eschatology J.L. Hayes, Advisor 3

Research                                                                                                                              15 Semester Hours

THRS7500 Theological Exams Program Advisor 3
THRS7550 Doctoral Required Reading List Program Advisor 3
THRS7800 Dissertation Proposal Program Advisor 3
THRS8000 Dissertation Program Advisor 6


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