Master of Biblical Studies in New Testament

The Master of Biblical Studies in New Testament is a 65 semester hour program. The MBS (New Testament) requires 20 semester hours of language work in New Testament Greek.  The program is an exciting program, challenging the student to grasp a thorough working knowledge of the Greek language. As the practical ministry aspects have been removed, this program is designed primarily for those who are seeking to enhance their teaching and writing skills under the umbrella of the church. Students will receive training in key New Testament books, New Testament Greek, key theological doctrines, and research.

The basic language work consists of four core courses in New Testament Greek.  The courses progress from basic grammar to syntax to intermediate translation.  After completing the four core NT Greek courses, the student is required to pass the NT Greek Exit Exam. Once the Exit Exams have been passed with a “C” or better, students will progress to advanced directed translation courses in NT Greek and Septuagint Greek, with each course requiring translation of over 900 lines of text per course.

The MBS (New Testament) degree does not require a Master’s Thesis.  Instead, students’ critical thinking and writing skills will be developed through two Theological Research courses and assignments throughout the required curriculum.

The MBS (New Testament) program is an advance-at-your-own-pace program.  Most students will complete the program in three years.

Total tuition fees:


Payment Plan A:
$250.00 down and $100.00 per month for a total of $2,000.00

Payment Plan B:
Discounted Advance Payment Cost—$1,500.00 with no additional tuition payments ($500.00 savings)

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MBS (New Testament) Degree Requirements

Biblical Studies                                                                                                                                  (24 Semester Hours)      

BSOT5000 Old Testament Introduction James Gibson 3
BSNT5000 New Testament Introduction Stephen Rost, Th.M. 3
NTBB6103 Gospel of John Jimmy Hayes 3
NTBB6515 Romans Jimmy Hayes 3
NTBB6516 I Corinthians Andrew Spurgeon 3
NTBB6527 Ephesians Jimmy Hayes 3
NTBB6525 Prison Epistles Bryan Anderson 3
NTBB6450 Revelation John Nocera 3

Biblical Languages                                                                                                           (20 Semester Hours)

NTGR5000 NT Greek I: Grammar J.L. Hayes 3
NTGR5010 NT Greek II: Grammar J.L. Hayes 3
NTGR5100 NT Greek III: Syntax TBA 3
NTGR5110 NT Greek IV: Exegesis TBA 3
GREX6000 NT Greek Exit Exam* Program Advisor 0
NTGR6000 Greek Readings: Gospels Advisor 2
NTGR6010 Greek Readings: Acts/Epistles Advisor 2
NTGR6100 Greek Readings: Synoptic Gospels Advisor 2
NTGR6500 Greek Readings: HB/LXX Advisor 2

Theology                                                                                                                                        (12 Semester Hours)

THEO6370 Doctrine of Salvation Gino Cascieri 3
MNPM5270 Dispensational Hermeneutics J.B. Hixson 3
THEO6850 Olivet Discourse J.B. Hixson 3
THEO6400 Bibliology J.L. Hayes 3

Research                                                                                                                                              (9 Semester Hours)

THRS5000 Graduate Research & Writing Advisor 3
THRS6000 Theological Research I Advisor 3
THRS6010 Theological Research II Advisor 3

NT Greek Exit Exam:  All candidates for the MBS (New Testament) degree must successfully pass NT Greek Exit Exam with a “C” or better.  Students are allowed up to three hours to complete the exam.  The NGEE consists of reading four NT passages in Greek, each approximately 35 lines long (Textus Receptus: Trinitarian Bible Society).  The student will translate each passage and answer a variety of questions concerning the grammar, syntax, and content of each passage.  The student will complete the exam within one semester of successfully completing Greek IV with a grade of “C” or better.

A Note on the NT Greek Exit Exam:  If a student fails to pass the NT Greek Exit Exam with a “C” or better, he shall receive a Master of Ministry in Biblical Exposition.


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