Master of Divinity

Pastoral Leadership

Program Overview

The Master of Divinity in Pastoral Leadership is an eighty (80) semester hour program. The program provides the essentials for students desiring to enhance their practical ministry skills. The program provides preparation for the Doctor of Ministry program. Furthermore, the program provides training in key biblical books, key biblical doctrines, biblical counseling, pastoral ministry, and theological research.

The Master of Divinity in Pastoral Leadership does not require a Master’s Thesis. Instead, students will receive extensive practical ministry experience through six (6) ministry practicum courses. Further, students who graduate from the M.Div. program also will earn Level 2 Certification from the Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC) . The M.Div. program is highly practical, preparing the minister for the great variety of challenges he will face in the ministry, from counseling to preaching.

The Master of Divinity in Pastoral Leadership program is an advance-at-your-own-pace program. On average, a student will complete the M.Div. program in three years or less. The program is the best route for advanced degree work.

ABC Certification is not a state license. It is recognition by a quality faith-based organization that certifies that the student has successfully completed the requirements set forth by ABC for competent biblical counseling.

Degree Requirements

  1. Pastoral Counseling
  2. Romans
  3. Paul & James: The Gospel Defined
  4. Daniel
  5. Isaiah
  6. New Testament Introduction
  7. Prison Epistles
  8. I Corinthians
  9. Doctrine of Salvation
  10. Expository Preaching
  11. Bereavement Counseling
  12. Old Testament Introduction
  13. Dispensational Hermeneutics
  14. Premarital Counseling
  15. Evangelism in the Local Church
  16. The Pentateuch
  17. Sermon Preparation Practicum I (2 Semester Hours)
  18. Sermon Preparation Practicum II (2 Semester Hours)
  19. Ministry Practicum I (2 Semester Hours)
  20. Ministry Practicum II (2 Semester Hours)
  21. Level 1 Certification w/ABC
  22. Level 1 Certification w/ABC
  23. Level 2 Certification w/ABC
  24. Biblical Counseling Practicum I
  25. Biblical Counseling Practicum II
  26. Theological Research I
  27. Theological Research II

Tuition Fees:

Payment Plan A:
$300.00 down and a minimum of $100.00 per month

Payment Plan B:
Discounted Advanced Payment $2,00.00 ($500.00 savings)

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