Choosing the right seminary for you.

choosing-a-seminaryChoosing a Seminary can be difficult. With literally thousands of seminaries from which to choose, how should you select a seminary online to complete your degree?  Especially when you’re not sure which online seminary course or courses to take. Tens of thousands of students ask this question as they surf the web, talk with fellow Christians, and visit campuses across the nation. Yet, in the end, many students are frustrated by the maze of choices, never knowing if they have made the best choice for themselves and their families. But Andersonville Theological Seminary wants to help you find the right seminary for you, and in the following paragraphs, we have provided you with a map for finding the one seminary that meets all of your needs.

Before all else, you should realize that selecting a seminary online is not simply a mental choice – it is a spiritual choice, as is selecting a church to attend or pastor. Choosing a seminary, therefore, should first be based upon selecting a seminary with the proper doctrinal position. Many would have expected prayer to be the first consideration, but such is simply not the case. There is no need to pray over attending a liberal seminary where God’s word or the deity of Christ is defiled and attacked at every turn. Instead, finding a seminary online with sound biblical doctrine is the most important step. ( To read Andersonville’s doctrinal statement click here ).

The next step is to find a school that is properly recognized as an established and legitimate seminary. Understanding a school’s accreditation is the first step in understanding their legitimacy. Of course, there are many types of accreditation, and not all are legitimate indicators of a school’s commitment to teaching God’s word in a credible fashion. Some “accredited” seminaries actually teach little, if any, Bible to their students. As a prospective student, therefore, you should be certain to look over the actual courses required for a degree program before deciding on its legitimacy as a center for Bible learning. (To view Andersonville’s online seminary course requirements and degree programs, download the free catalogs.).