About Us

ATS History

historyIn late 1970’s, Dr. Hayes began to feel the calling from God to found a Bible-centered seminary that would offer active in-the-field Christians the opportunity to complete their seminary degree studies through quality distance education. more…

What We Offer

While abstract theological concepts or abstract ministry principles can be complimentary to ministry work, the true foundation of all ministry work must be God’s word, studied as inspired and complete. Andersonville Theological Seminary offers just such studies, with each program being centered upon God’s word, taught by professors well-versed in both academic studies and practical ministry work.

ATS Distance Education Formats

Andersonville Theological Seminary offers courses in a variety of formats, presenting the students with the most practical means for learning course objectives and materials. The majority of ATS courses are taught by audio CD. Other courses are offered through textbooks and through research.

ATS History

Please take the time to read the information provided in this section. ATS truly wants you to choose the right seminary, and this guide will hopefully aid you greatly in following God’s direction.

choosingWith literally thousands of seminaries from which to choose, how should you select a seminary to complete your degree? Tens of thousands of students ask this question as they surf the web, talk with fellow Christians, and visit campuses across the nation. Yet, in the end, many students are frustrated by the maze of choices, never knowing if they have made the best choice for themselves and their families. But Andersonville Theological Seminary wants to help you find the right seminary for you. more…

The ATS Philosophy

philosophyAndersonville Theological Seminary believes that actively serving God in the field is of greatest importance. To this end, we have developed a program of study that allows pastors, teachers, and counselors to earn their seminary degrees from their own homes while continuing to actively serve in the field.

Our program, however, has always been grounded upon the firm belief that in order to be useful to active Christians, it must be centered upon actual study of the Scriptures as God’s holy and infallible word. more…