Alumni FAQ


How much does it cost to apply to ATS?

The Application Process is completely free—ATS currently requires no fees for applying to ATS.

Can I receive credit for previous college & seminary training or for Ministry Experience?

ATS works closely with students to make transfer of credits into ATS possible in many cases. While a certain number of courses must be completed through ATS for each degree program, transfer credits can often be accepted, especially at the undergraduate level. If courses were completed with an ATS approved institution, ATS often will substitute other relevant courses in place of the previously completed courses so that no coursework is duplicated. Substitutions will be made where allowed or recommended by the ATS Academic Review Committee.

Lifetime Credit for ministry experience is possible in both the Associate and Bachelor programs. Up to 30 semester credit hours may be awarded for well-qualified Christian workers and pastors.

How much does it cost to complete an ATS degree program?

ATS programs are priced at an exceptional value to offer a quality Bible education to Christians currently serving in the field. In the School of Pastoral Studies, students may take advantage of program prices, which greatly reduce the cost from the usual pay by the hour options. Interest free monthly payments ae available through ATS. In the School of Christian Leadership, students will pay by the credit hour. Current prices are available by calling an ATS Advisor at 1-800-525-1611.

What materials do I receive after my initial tuition payment?

In most programs, the student will receive a link to his Student Dashboard where he will access his coursework online. For courses not yet in the online format, students will receive a digital link to access their coursework where they will download the course materials to their computer.

A course, for example, may contain 40 one-hour lectures, access to an online commentary, links to digital journals, and printed materials for the course in PDF files. Courses require approximately 40 clock hours of work for each semester credit.

How long do I have to complete an ATS degree program?

All School of Pastoral Studies programs are Advance-at-Your-Own-Pace programs, excepting the Christian Counseling programs, which have a two-year time limit.

All School of Christian Leadership programs contain courses that are designed to be completed in a 12-week semester. Students may take up to 16 weeks to complete a course if they file for an extension with the Academic Review Committee and are approved.

Are there any additional fees other than tuition required for an ATS degree program?

There are no hidden fees at ATS.

Book fees are separate, and journal access may require a small fee.

There is a one-time Graduation & Administrative Fee for which students are responsible at the conclusion of the program. Current fee is available by calling the ATS Registrar at 1-800-525-1611.

For Christian Counseling programs additional fees are listed in the Student Catalog. For more information, contact the ATS Christian Counseling Department at 1-800-525-1611.

What is the ATS refund policy?

All funds paid into the ATS are non-refundable.

what happens if I fall behind in my tuition payments?

ATS works with students to assist them in keeping up their tuition payments. In cases where the student is unable to maintain tuition for an extended period of time, ATS removes the student from the ATS roles of Active Students. All previously paid monies are forfeited, and students who re-enroll will be required to complete the current curriculum and will be subject to current tuition prices.

What is ATS’s doctrinal position?

  • ATS is a Baptist seminary. Our doctrinal statement is located online and in our student catalog. For specific questions regarding the Doctrinal Statement, please contact the Seminary at 1-800-525-1611.

Alumni Comments

From: Danny Ray, Nashville, GA

The North American Missions Board of the Southern Baptist Convention approved my endorsement as a hospice chaplain last week. Thanks again.