How much does it cost to apply to ATS?

There is no Application Fee for students applying to ATS.

Can I receive credit for previous college & seminary training or for Ministry Experience?

ATS accepts transfer credits from many ATS approved institutions. You may contact the Seminary to find out if your college/seminary is approved. Up to ninety semester credit hours may be transferred into the ATS Undergraduate Program, and up to nine semester credit hours may be transferred into many of the ATS Graduate Programs. As with most credible seminaries, ATS does not usually accept transfer credits in the ATS Doctorate Programs.

Up to thirty semester hours may be granted for Lifetime Experience at the ATS Undergraduate level. For students with extensive experience, up to six hours may be granted at the ATS Graduate level.

What materials will I receive after my initial tuition payment?

In The School of Theology, students will receive a link to their Student Dashboard where they will find their ATS Course and access to many other features.

In The School of Practical Ministry, students will receive an email that will contain the curriculum for the program.

How much does it cost to complete an ATS degree program?

ATS programs are priced at an exceptional value to offer a quality Bible education to Christians currently serving in the field. In the School of Pastoral Studies, students may take advantage of program prices, which greatly reduce the cost from the usual pay by the hour options. Interest free monthly payments ae available through ATS. In the School of Christian Leadership, students will pay by the credit hour. Current prices are available by calling an ATS Advisor at 1-800-525-1611.

What materials do I receive after my initial tuition payment?

In most programs, the student will receive a link to his Student Dashboard where he will access his coursework online. For courses not yet in the online format, students will receive a digital link to access their coursework where they will download the course materials to their computer.

A course, for example, may contain 40 one-hour lectures, access to an online commentary, links to digital journals, and printed materials for the course in PDF files. Courses require approximately 40 clock hours of work for each semester credit.

How long do I have to complete an ATS degree program?

Students enrolled in The School of Practical Ministry have no time limits on their program.

For most School of Theology programs, students have no time limits on their programs. The only exceptions are programs containing the Biblical Counseling and the Christian Counseling curricula. Students have a maximum of two years to complete the counseling portion of these programs.

Are there any additional fees other than tuition required for an ATS degree program?

Textbooks are not included in the Tuition payments. ATS strives to keep textbook fees to a minimum, and many of the textbooks will be provided via digital download. For all other textbooks, students will be required to purchase the Required Textbooks for each course.
Upon completion of an ATS degree program, students are required to pay the Graduation & Administration Fee before being cleared for graduation.
Programs containing the Biblical Counseling and Christian Counseling curricula require additional fees, including membership fees. For more information call 1-800-525-1611 and ask to speak with the ATS Christian Counseling Department.

What is the ATS refund policy?

All monies paid into ATS are non-refundable.

What happens if I fall behind in my tuition payments?

ATS works with students having legitimate financial difficulties. If, however, students do not contact the Seminary after three consecutive months of failing to make tuition payments, then the student will be dropped from the roles of ATS.

What is ATS’s doctrinal position?

ATS is a Baptist seminary. Our doctrinal statement is located online and in our student catalog. For specific questions regarding the Doctrinal Statement, please contact the Seminary at 1-800-525-1611.

Alumni Comments

From: Danny Ray, Nashville, GA

The North American Missions Board of the Southern Baptist Convention approved my endorsement as a hospice chaplain last week. Thanks again.