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ATS Admission Forms

Andersonville Theological Seminary wants to help you get started today. The following forms can be completed free of charge. Call an ATS Student Advisor if you have any questions. Filling out the application is the first step in getting started right away to your path to your next level of learning His path for you.

Tuition and Fees

Andersonville Theological Seminary works extremely hard to keep your tuition and fees to a minimum. Please check the current catalog for all current tuition fees and payment plans. In most cases, you can get started for around a hundred dollars. There are no hidden tuition fees. See the Alumni section for current graduation and transcript fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that students have a lot of questions about getting started. The link below presents a list of the most frequently asked questions received by Andersonville Theological Seminary Student Advisors. If you have questions, chances are you will find an answer here. Just click on the link below to browse through the Q&A session.

General Admission Policy

All applications are considered without regard to sex, race, national or ethnic origin. In considering every application, the Admissions Office reviews the applicant’s academic record and personal information. There is a list of common admissions questions on the FAQ page.

Choosing the right ATS Program for you

Andersonville Theological Seminary knows that choosing the right seminary is only half the battle. Choosing the right program is
equally important. To help you with the critical decision, the Registrar’s Office has developed guides for both the undergraduate and graduate programs. These guides are simplifications of the selection process, but they should help students narrow their choices wisely. Be sure to read through the relevant catalog on all programs of interest to insure your selection. Just click on the link below to find out which Andersonville Theological Seminary program is right for you