Onsite Graduation Information

Please do not call about graduation. Email Julie Brown at finance@andersonvilleseminary.com with questions or a request to send you onsite information.

1.  All orders and payments for cap and gowns are due on April 1st!
2. All tuition, grad/administration fee, coursework, and onsite fees are due on April 15th!
3. Note that cap and gown money is due first!
4. Check-in times: (You must check in at your correct time – no checking in early.
    If you're graduating with:
       *DMin BE or Dmin PL check in at 9:30
       *DMin BC or D min CC check-in at 10:00
       *ThD PT check in 10:30 
        *All Masters Degrees check in at 11:00
        *Associate/Bachelor degree graduates check in at 11:30
         *Every graduate returns for GROUP picture at 12:45
5. Guests, please do not arrive before 12:30.